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When Madhuri’s son could not recognize her!

It is an incident of 2006 when Madhuri Dixit came back to Mumbai along with her two sons to perform at the Filmfare awards. The actress who has given many super hit films like Tezab, Ram Lakhan, Parinda etc did not know that her own sons will not be able to recognize her. But it is true as they really could not understand that it was Madhuri standing in front of them. so here is the whole story.

Madhuri Dixit with her Son

Madhuri Dixit with her Son

During the Filmfare awards, Madhuri Dixit performed on stage and she won the heart of everybody who was present there. She got a lot of appreciation for her performance. The actress had left her sons back home as she though that they are too young to attend such late night function. After her performance Madhuri headed back for her home.

Now when the two sons of Madhuri Dixit saw her the younger one just behaved as if he is seeing a stranger. He did not even talk or came closer to mummy Madhuri! The elder one saw her and just started laughing as if he had seen some clown. The reason was clear that Madhuri was donned in a lot of make-up. Initially even the actress was shocked but then she understood things in few seconds and started laughing.

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